Friday, April 18, 2014
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There is a data revolution going on. Not just over customer data, but Human Capital Management insights into the creative ability of employees to compete.

The knowledge economy businesses - Starbucks, Google, even NASA - embracing HCM are winning. But HCM maturity is now also creating a picture of business potential of vital and growing interest to the financial community (Moody's, AXA) as well as business leaders.

Home of the Human Capital Handbook series, HubCap is a free non-profit network and library bringing together the latest global HCM ideas by experts in business, academia, investment and regulation.


  • Is People-friendly the new Eco-friendly?
    What does diversity mean to you and your business? Or inclusivity and cohesion? A few zzzz lines in the company report, a policy destined for tumbleweed, an unreachable recruitment target, something largely negative under the umbrella of ‘compliance’ that must be reluctantly ticked? What would true diversity and total inclusivity look, feel, and sound like?

  • Cost-Per-Hire – HR Finally Gets its Standard
    Drum roll...for the first time ever, the American National Standards Institute has, like a benevolent genie, granted HR’s wish for an industry wide widely accepted reporting standard: cost per hire.Now, not just in the US, but world-wide (what happens first the US etc) HR folk can run into the streets (or around the top table…

  • Isn’t it time HR hit back?
    It’s HR bashing time again. On the Harvard Business Review - and the always excellent, Fistfull of Talent, CEO’s and CFO’s are venting their anger on that ‘soft’ ‘valueless’ ‘non business speaking’ ‘admin function’, HR. Of course, the HR blogosphere (mostly in the US, but please do chime in!) has been quick to kick back…


  • The UK's first HRD Network Launches (Twice)
    The first in a new quarterly series of exclusive HRD networking events took place in London last week centred on the latest thinking in measuring talent by guest speaker and Danish human capital management expert, Morten Kamp Andersen. The debate focused on three areas: Why measure HR and talent; the common pitfalls to avoid; and…

  • The Future of Investment: Human Capital
    How can investors value businesses more through HCM insights? What human capital measures do the HC-ready investors of the future need? How will this shared awareness of the long-term people potential of a business change the business-City relationship? Join HubCap sponsor HPA on 29th September at the Royal College of Physicians in London to get…

  • Dave Ulrich Top Judge at HCM Excellence Awards and Keynote Speaker at the Human Asset 2011 Summit
    Fancy a trip to Budapest? Dave Ulrich does. In fact he’s just agreed to be the top judge at the European HCM Excellence Awards as well as keynote speaker at the summit, Human Asset 2011, taking place at the same time in October. We highly recommend you to put a red ring around those dates.


  • The Human Capital Handbook Autumn Issue Now Available for Free Download
    To get your copy, go to the Human Capital Handbook microsite and click on Downloads (obviously!) Or, if you’re a member of the free HCM library community, you can get a copy from the HubCap library.Of course, you can also download the February and June editions too (a different cast list, but just as rich…

  • The world’s biggest and best human capital management library?
    Blending heavyweight subjects like human capital reporting, as well as specialist titbits on workforce analytics, people risks and creative leadership, HubCap’s library is a rich feast. Weighing in at just over 150 articles though, it’s not the Library of Congress. But then, HCM is an emerging science and still finding its feet – hence why…

  • When tech becomes religion, where does work fit in?
    Do you adore Apple? Are you an Amazon acolyte? Do you worship at the feet of Wired? Are the gospels according to Google? Would you be surprised to find a brain scan showed the same part of your brain lighting up like a Christmas tree when you’re shown a snow white iPad that lights up…

December 2011 EditionHubCap is the home of The Human Capital Handbook 2011

Put together and sponsored by HubCap’s headline sponsor, Human Potential Accounting, the Human Capital Handbook series of free multi-authored ebooks contain original content drawn from those world-renowned as well as up and coming experts in investment, regulation, academia, and business at the centre of today's Human Capital Management (HCM) landscape.

Featuring such thinkers as Dave Ulrich, Eric Flamholtz, Philip Whitely, Chris Hodge, Howard Marks, Ted Cantle, and Raj Thamotheram, HPA use the HubCap platform to freely disseminate the Handbooks with a dedicated discussion group available for authors and audience to debate the major themes.

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